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~ Randy Lusk

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Conversion University Bootcamp

Set Appointments and Nurture Relationships that Will Turn into Closings!

Conversion University

I need scripting & dialogue training for myself or my team!

Smart Leadership

I need guidance on how to lead and build a successful team!

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Within a week of our scripting and dialogue training new clients were able to 3X their appointments!

Several agents have increased their confidence by taking our training!

Our Client's teams took 40 listings in 10 weeks!

This year alone our clients made over 60,000 contacts!

Our clients have an average of converting 5X more leads!

An agent in our Conversion University program secured a listing that was over a million dollars!

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Need help ensuring maximum conversions for your real estate team? Leverage our expert coaching and processes to directly manage your sales team with weekly sales meetings ran by a dedicated coach to ensure optimal performance from your agents.

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Dale and his team are the EXPERTS when it comes to scripting and dialogue training. I wouldn't trust anyone else!

Paul Domenech

Domenech Lorem

Dale has organized our entire sales team and redirected our entire focus from start to finish. He is amazing at what he does and now coaches our entire sales team!

Sara Locken

City Living

Cain has taken our brand new agent, never been in real estate before, to closing seven deals in seven months. He really teaches you how to have better conversations!

Jennifer Dykema

Whipple Group

Dale has helped our team be more systematized and helped our ISAs be a lot better. If you have any challenges in creating a system for your team, call him.

Tristan Ahumada

Lab Coat Agents

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