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Why get your free skill assessment from Smart Sales Coaching?

Let our professional trainers immediately assess your current lead conversion skill level and give you pointers to level you up right away!

What our Skill Assessment Tests For:

  • Introductions Your ability to powerfully enter any conversation
  • Common Objections Your ability to handle the most common objections.
  • Your Value Proposition The answer to "Why should I buy or sell with you?"
  • Set a Buyer Appt. Your ability to close a buyer logically
  • Set a Seller Appt. Your ability to close a seller logically

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    These successful clients have all increased their appointments and closings with our training!

    Who is Dale Archdekin?

    Dale has over 30 years of sales experience and close to 20 years in the real estate world as a lead conversion expert. He partnered to build the #2 team in his area and lead the Top 5 KW Mega Team to many years of success.

    He's originally born in the Midwest and currently resides in the suburbs of Philly. He started out selling real estate in his hometown of Philly. He was primarily a listing agent, but really he was a hardcore prospector living in the world of consistently calling expireds, FSBOs, and doing cold prospecting every day.

    Later in his real estate career, Dale had an idea to create an ISA department. Through trial and error, he cracked the code. He built a successful ISA department and scaled his company from 5 agents and 100 transactions per year to 30 agents and 650 transactions a year.

    He had developed a repeatable process that allowed him to take a stranger off the streets with no real estate experience, combine them with an average lead mix, put them through his training, and produce 60 transactions for the team within their first 12 months. He has a passion to help others become beasts in objection handling and generating more business. That’s why he founded Smart Coaching & Training and created its flagship course, Conversion University.