April 2019 - Smart Sales Coaching

Call Review Video Training: Directly Ask the Lead What Their Plan Is

Dealing with FSBOs can be a balancing act. Especially if you are dealing with someone who has worked in real estate in the past.  You don’t ever want to make them wrong or act like they don’t understand the process.  But at the same time, you have to get at the heart of their process. To do that, you have to ask some direct questions like, “what are you going to do next?” “What is your plan to sell your home?” See the ISA and coach work through this call in today’s Call Review video. P.S. I am offering a free lead conversion training webinar to Smart Inside Sales Facebook group members. You’ll learn to convert leads into cash without memorizing scripts or objection handlers. Access the training here: https://smartsalescoaching.com/conversion-u-webinar-reg/