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Conversion University

Is your team devoting a ton of time and money toward generating leads for your real estate business? If you're like most teams, then you’re probably spending a significant amount of your time and money on leads for your agents.

But the problem is, if those agents aren't highly-trained or accountable, then all that work was for nothing. Stop wasting your time and money when agents mishandle the leads that you've worked so hard to pay for.

If your team is undermotivated or missing your goals, then it's time to make a change for your business.

That's where Smart Sales Coaching’s comprehensive live, intensive, tactical training and accountability course, Conversion University, comes into play. Conversion U is a combination of video training and LIVE, intensive, interactive expert coaching designed to help your team convert your leads at 2x or 3x the current rate and double your team's weekly appointments.

Your team will have a 50 minute accountability meeting in a small group with a coach each week. PLUS, your team will also have the option to attend up to ten different live training classes every week that cover everything from intro scripts to objection handling to CRM management--and everything in between!

Our expert trainers all have many years of converting leads themselves AND of successfully training and leading teams of ISAs and Agents. No other company provides the level of intense interaction that we do. Take the first step today and see what it would take to double or triple your agents' conversions and appointments. It's time to make the most of your leads.

Is Conversion University Right for You?

  • Can your agents or ISAs confidently and consistently handle the objection “I already have an agent” or do they just tuck their tail and run with a “ok, well….call me if it doesn’t work out" ?
  • If a lead says “we’ll call you when we’re ready” do your agents or ISAs just roll over and play dead with a “okay, let me know…" ?
  • Have you heard your agents or ISAs give up after the first “No” they get, or even the second? Would you like them to professionally and expertly push to a third or fourth “No” every time without upsetting the prospect?
  • Did you do goal setting with your agents or ISAs only to never check back in until everyone involved forgot what their goal was in the first place? Or worse, did you check in on their goals only to find out they had no idea how many appointments they needed to set or even contacts they needed to make DAILY to have a shot at achieving those goals?

If you can relate to any of the situations outlined above – Don’t worry you aren’t alone. That is why we are here.

It's More Than Your Average Real Estate
Lead Conversion Training Program

We teach you a new approach to selling that leads to more conversions and better conversations. We take a deep dive into…

  • How to do successful discovery
  • Handling any objection
  • Moving away from reliance on scripts
  • How to talk less and listen more
  • Knowing when and how to close
  • How to ACTUALLY SET, MEASURE, and ACHIEVE your goals
  • And much more!

What to Expect

Conversion University was created after nearly a decade of perfecting lead conversion techniques to stop wasting leads, handle objections more effectively, and book more appointments that lead to more commission checks. When you sign up you’ll get…

  • You will be assigned your own dedicated veteran trainer
  • Four training sessions per month in an intimate training environment between your team and your dedicated coach
  • Consistent accountability - we have a tracker dashboard that records your agents/ISAs daily and weekly sales activity
  • Think of us as a fractional Sales Manager for your company. We can implement and support consistent sales activity across your agents and ISAs
  • Your trainer will provide strategies on how to acheive the goals you set for your team
  • A support network, teamwork makes the dream work, it’s 5 times harder to succeed alone
  • Intense role play and call reviews
  • Learn strategies and tactics that result is better conversations with leads and going beyond the script
  • Complimentary access into The Prospecting Room! Open Monday - Friday 8am - 2pm EST. It's a virtual sales floor filled with likeminded agents/ISAs making sales calls. Prospecting will not feel lonely anymore - and you might just look forward to it! We also have breakout rooms available for roleplay. Grab your buddy and practice those conversations before you make your calls!

Conversion U is not just expert level scripting and dialog training , we are your sales trainer, coach, mentor, leader and the place you come to when you want to share a win or get picked back up off the mat when the business punches you in the face.

There is NO other experience like this right now in the real estate training field. If you step into our arena, expect to get pushed to your limits and blow your competitors out of the water.

Training Without Accountability is Like an Idea Without Execution…

Are you ready to ACTUALLY hit the goals you set for your team?

Are you tired of knowing what you need to do but not taking action?

Are you ready to give yourself over to a process that’s bigger than yourself?

Did you say yes to the above? Then step this way.

Still Unsure? Check Out This Video of Barry Jenkins Raving
About Our Program!

Want To Know What Our Training Looks Like?
We Know You Are Curious!

How Conversion University Started

During Dale Archdekin’s time building the #2 real estate team in the Philadelphia area and leading the Top 5 KW Mega Team, Dale noticed a need in the industry. Agents, ISAs, and team leaders needed resources and training for lead conversion that cut through the fluff and actually worked.

The result was building Conversion University, a team of powerhouse trainers dedicated to providing real estate teams with effective lead conversion strategies and techniques.

The training is actionable. The results are tangible.

Our Other Programs!

We got what you need.

Smart Leadership

Work directly with Dale Archdekin on building the powerhouse team of your dreams.

The 411

No time to waste here! Your first call with Dale will have you super motivated and excited to transform your team into a well-oiled machine. You will get into the nitty-gritty of leading a team, guidance on who to hire and how many roles to bring on, hiring and recruiting strategies, salary and bonus recommendations for each team member, accountability, and so much more! This program is highly personalized to what you need, not a one size fits all approach. And did we mention, this makes an AMAZING cocktail with our Conversion University Team Training Program.

Conversion University - Individual

Calling all singles... Single Agents and ISAs of course!

The Scoop

You'll receive the same methodologies and strategies that are taught in the team atmosphere - but grouped together with other single agents and ISAs looking to up their lead conversion game. Your LIVE training will incorporate our pillar sessions with call reviews and roleplay sprinkled into your weekly meetings. This is also an excellent opportunity to network with people like you.

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