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Leadership Coaching for Small Teams to Large Enterprises

Being a real estate team leader or brokerage owner is NOT easy. But you’re not in it alone. Our real estate leadership coaching program is designed to help your team double, triple, or even quadruple their production. Your team will do more transactions and dominate your market by ramping up accountability, communication, and organization.

The best part? Our leadership coaching will help you set up a sustainable business model that gets you out of the day to day trenches and avoid working an impossible number of hours. A successful real estat team leader needs to focus on the business a a whole, and you’ll be able to create a plan to achieve that.

PLUS, you can work less and spend more time with your family – all while growing your real estate business. This is the path to a truly leveraged and self sufficient real estate business.

How Our Real Estate Leadership Coaching Works

We don’t waste any time getting you started. Your first call with your business consultant will have you motivated and ready to take your team to the next level of success. Our leadership coaching covers multiple levels—all the way from overall strategy and how to motivate your team, to the nitty gritty of how to hire, who to hire, how many roles to create, recruiting techniques, salary and bonus recommendations, and daily activities and goals for individual team members.

What We Will Work On...

As a real estate team leader, you have to tailor your approach to the needs of your team and the individuals on it. It’s the same with our leadership coaching. This program is highly personalized, not a one-size-fits-all. We’ll show you exactly how to craft an effective plan for dominating your market.

  • Create or clean up your P&L so it is actionable
  • Clean, correct, and expand your sales team
  • Scale your business in whatever capacity you are looking to do so
  • Guide you through adding an Inside Sales Department
  • Develop an effective and repeatable recruiting process for new talent
  • Establish systems and processes to manage your operations
  • Teach you what metrics are important to measure and track to improve your ROI across all marketing and lead generation platforms
  • Clean, optimize, and implementation strategies for your database tools

Your Real Estate Team is Unique, so Our Real Estate Leadership Coaching is Too!

Accountability and Support is Key

We understand how important having a strong support system & holding your team and yourself accountable is pivotal in your success.

The Prospecting Room

Open Monday – Friday 8am – 2pm EST. Operated through Zoom.

We have answered all team leaders, agents, and ISAs dreams. We have found the solution to making prospecting fun and not lonely, heck you might even look forward to it!

The Prospecting Room is a complimentary addition to ALL of our training, consulting, and coaching programs. It’s a virtual sales floor filled with likeminded agents/ISAs executing their sales calls.We also have breakout rooms available to do live action role play. Grab your buddy and practice those conversations before you make your calls!

A few of our staff members, including our trainers and Dale himself pop in there from time to time to help mentor, coach, and role play with you. And our fabulous administrative team is in there every day sprinkling in funny memes and motivational quotes to cultivate an unbeatable culture.

Support From Teams Across North America

We embed accountability in ALL of our programs. It is the heartbeat of what we teach. We are your sales trainer, coach, mentor, leader, and the place you come to when you want to share a win or get picked back up from the mat when the business punches you in the face.

We have agents, ISAs, teams, and brokerages all over North America. That is why we created our client dashboard. This houses all of the metrics you need your agents and ISAs to track for success.

This is one of the greatest support groups you will ever experience, and we pride ourselves on that. We add the human element into the work we do because well… we have all run into roadblocks and Karens that can make you feel lonely and unmotivated.

Don’t worry we got you here! Remember, it is 5 times harder to succeed alone.

Ready to Improve Your Real Estate Team?

How Smart Leadership Started

During Dale Archdekin’s time building the #2 real estate team in the Philadelphia area and leading the Top 5 KW Mega Team, Dale noticed a need in the industry. Agents, ISAs, and team leaders needed resources and training for lead conversion that cut through the fluff and actually worked.

The result was building Smart Inside Sales & Conversion University, a team of powerhouse trainers dedicated to providing real estate teams with effective lead conversion strategies and techniques.

Our Other Programs!

We got what you need.

ISA Recruiting & Training

One stop shop for all things ISA.

The Scoop

Our founder Dale Archdekin has over 16 years of experience when it comes to building an ISA department, training ISAs, and overall effectively running an ISA team that produces $$ for your business. He has curated multiple programs that are lead by his powerhouse consultants that have actual experience out in the field building and managing an ISA department. If you are feeling pains about Inside Sales, I am sure we have a remedy for you. Check out our programs.

Conversion University - Team

Calling all team leaders... build your team into lead converting ninjas.

The Scoop

You'll receive the same methodologies and strategies that are taught in the individual atmosphere - but you are assigned your own dedicated trainer. Your LIVE training will incorporate our pillar sessions with call reviews and roleplay sprinkled into your weekly meetings. Moreover, your training sessions are catered to what your TEAM needs! No robot training here. Your agents will also get access into The Prospecting Room. This is a perfect tool to hold your team accountable to actual execute their sales calls. Its super fun, and makes prospecting less lonely.

Conversion University - Individual

Calling all singles... Single Agents and ISAs of course!

The Scoop

You'll receive the same methodologies and strategies that are taught in the team atmosphere - but grouped together with other single agents and ISAs looking to up their lead conversion game. Your LIVE training will incorporate our pillar sessions with call reviews and roleplay sprinkled into your weekly meetings. This is also an excellent opportunity to network with people like you.

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