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Conversion University Bootcamp

Set Appointments and Nurture Relationships that Will Turn into Closings!

Conversion University

I need scripting & dialogue training for myself or my team!

Smart Leadership

I need guidance on how to lead and build a successful team!

Client’s Testimonial


I have been working with Dale for a number of years, and his skill in developing agents in their scripts, dialogue, and conversion is the best I have ever seen. If you, your agents, and your team are struggling with conversion, Conversion University is the place to go.

~ Greg Miller


Conversion University has just changed my life more than I can ever express in words. This program has given me the training and tools to go out there and say, "I'm, worth it. I have value!".

~ Alexandria Knox


I was able to get over a 2.8 million dollar seller listing and also a buyer listing of 1.4 million dollars within just a few weeks of the program.

~ Jonathan Byre


...you have the ability to connect concepts and execution better than anyone else....but watching the process... you guys are a good organization, I would not have anyone else doing this.

~ Barry Jenkins

Impacts Made in the Past 30 Days


Within a week of our scripting and dialogue training new clients were able to 3X their appointments!

Several agents have increased their confidence by taking our training!

Our Client's teams took 40 listings in 10 weeks!

This year alone our clients made over 60,000 contacts!

Our clients have an average of converting 5X more leads!

An agent in our Conversion University program secured a listing that was over a million dollars!

Clients and Brands We Are Proud to Work With


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