May 9, 2019 - Smart Sales Coaching

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Keys to Success as a Real Estate Inside Sales Agent

Being a real estate inside sales agent is a tough job. It’s competitive, fast pace, and you have to be able to learn quickly and adapt to changing situations. But at the same time, it can be an extremely rewarding job. You get the chance to be a huge part of the most important purchase in people’s lives and reap the financial rewards of being part of making large sales.

Here are several pieces of advice to take your real estate inside sales career to the next level.

Real Estate Scripts Alone Aren’t Enough

Real estate scripts are valuable as a general outline of how to approach the different types of leads and to make sure you are hitting all the points you need to hit. This is especially true for newer ISAs who are still learning the finer points of cold calling, sales calls, and converting leads over the phone.

They can’t, however, be the only thing in your wheelhouse. There are no magic scripts that will help you convert every time with every lead. Each conversation is different. To increase your success you have to focus on learning to deal with objections and how to get to the core of what the lead wants. Scripts are helpful to use as a general outline in case you get stuck on a call, but the key is focusing on having real conversations and producing real value for the lead.

Think About Objections Differently

Real estate agents and ISAs fail when callers question them because they are viewing the objection in the wrong way. An objection is not an attack on you, and it does not mean that the call is already over. Actually, it’s exactly the opposite. A caller objection is an opportunity.

Objections give you a route to close. Through dealing with them successfully, you will have had to convince the lead that you can either assist them with their process, or you offered a better process and convinced them that your process will help them better achieve their desired outcome. Once you convince them of that, all you have to do is set the appointment.

The key here is to understand the lead’s perspective, process, and outcome—the three parts that make up every objection—from their own point of view.

Closing Logically on Your Real Estate Calls

The problem that many ISAs or agents have is with timing. Knowing when to close and not closing too early. The solution to this is actually pretty simple: closing has to be the logical conclusion to the conversation you are having with the lead. This means you have to be having ACTUAL conversations with leads on phone. You can’t just be going blindly from a script—you have to be in the moment, react to what the lead says, and ask relevant questions given where the conversation goes.

If you are working with them to get an understanding of the outcome they desire, and you are powering through any objections they present, then the time to close is going to naturally arise once you can tell they are satisfied with your answers to their objections. Just follow the conversation.

Learn to Ask Great Questions

As a salesperson, you have develop the ability to ask good questions and to read between the lines when the prospect or lead gives you their answer. You need to be able to gather all the bits of useful information that the lead says and doesn’t say. Once you have a clear picture of what the lead wants and what is holding them back, you can pounce on the opportunity and ask information-gathering questions that will lead you to the natural conclusion they seek—a sale.


All of these tips relate to having real conversations and to closing. Because that’s what it means to be a successful inside sales agent. You need to learn how to have real, engaging, and persuasive sales conversations over the phone. That’s how you convert more leads and that’s how you will end up putting more money in your own pocket.