April 2022 - Smart Sales Coaching

How to Make Real Estate Lead Generation a Part of Your Daily Schedule

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Generating leads is one of the most important parts of your real estate business. After all, it doesn’t matter how amazing you are at buying and selling houses if you don’t have anyone to buy or sell them for. The problem for many real estate agents, though, is that they don’t dedicate enough time towards generating new leads.

I get it. You’re busy taking care of your current clients, negotiating deals, and contacting your existing leads. But if you don’t make time for real estate lead generation, then that long list of clients and leads will eventually dry up!

How to Build Your Daily Schedule: Include Real Estate Lead Generation

We’ve discussed in past articles how real estate agents should structure their day. Although a lot of it is common sense, if you’re like me then you often overlook or put off doing some of the most important things for productivity and success. Without going into too much detail again here, below are some important tips for structuring your day:

Time Blocks Are Your Best Friend

Let’s be honest, if it’s not on your schedule, then odds are you’re not going to do it. You’ve got too many other things to do that are on your schedule. That’s why a pro tip is to use time blocks on your schedule for certain activities, like real estate lead generation. For me personally, I like to do lead generation activities at the start of my work day, usually from about 9am to 11am. Then, if I don’t have appointments with leads or customers, I will also generate leads from about 2pm until my hard work day stop at 6pm.

By blocking out time and putting lead generation into your daily schedule, it stops feeling like an extra activity that you should only do when you have the time. Over time, you’ll adopt it as a key, core part of your day and critical piece of your real estate business.

Just like you schedule in meetings or trainings, you also need to consistently set aside time for generating leads and prospecting. For most successful agents, that means two to four hours each and every day.

More Tips for Real Estate Lead Generation

You might be saying, “Okay, I’ve built lead generation into my daily schedule, now what?” It’s a fair question. The answer is that there are a huge number of different real estate lead sources, and you need to find the ones that work best for your market and particular business. Here are a few ideas:



How to Conquer Real Estate Lead Generation

On the surface, generating real estate leads can seem like a daunting task. But as long as you work it into your daily schedule and do it bit by bit, you will start to see results. Be creative and see what other successful agents are doing, and copy them in your market! Once it becomes habit, then it will be second nature to you.

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