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Real Estate Inside Sales Agent Objection: “I don’t know the process”


Real Estate Inside Sales Agent Objection: "I don't know the process"

In today's roleplay video, the group goes over a difficult objection that one of them recently dealt with on an actual call. The caller did not understand much about what an agent does or what the home-buying process looks like. Because of this, they were apprehensive to book an appointment until they had a better understanding so as to not waste their own or an agent's time.

December 12, 2018

ISA Call Review: Get to The Critical Issue for The Lead

In today's Call Review video, Dale discusses the necessity of diving deep into the lead's critical issue. In order to successfully set an appointment, you have to get to the heart of their concern and to what is holding them back from setting the appointment. Understand their process and desired outcome.

December 10, 2018