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ISA Recruiting And Training

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Your one stop shop to recruit, hire, train and manage your ISA or team of ISAs. There are four programs within Smart Inside Sales that you can choose from. Sign up for one or build the best ISA cocktail EVER by stacking our programs together. Our founder, Dale Archdekin curated a repeatable process that works. He developed these training programs that allowed him to take a stranger off the streets, with no real estate experience, put them through the training, combine them with an average lead mix, and have them produce 60 transactions for the team within their first 12 months.

Conversion U Dedicated Team Training


Need help ensuring maximum conversions for your real estate team? Leverage our expert coaching and processes to directly manage your sales team with weekly sales meetings ran by a dedicated coach to ensure optimal performance from your agents.

Leadership Training

Consulting For Team Leaders

Lead management support, team accountability support, Agent/ISA recruiting support.

Solutions for Agents/ISAs

Conversion University


Conversion University is the industry leading lead conversion training program for ISAs and Real Estate Agents. It is designed specifically to support real estate teams in leveraging critical lead conversion training using the most updated and cutting-edge techniques currently employed by the top teams across the country. C.U. covers scripting, dialog, objection handling, and closing skills. The course also includes how to receive, manage, and categorize leads so they don’t get lost in your CRM. Use C.U. to arm your sales team and blow the lid off your conversion rates!

NEW! The Prospecting Room

Instant access when you sign up for any of the programs above!

Open Monday – Friday 8am -3pm EST

We are determined to make prospecting fun and not lonely! The Prospecting Room is a one of a kind virtual sales floor. Agents across North America who are students in our programs are able to join in and do their sales call in a room with like minded people. We will share wins, motivation, and encouragement as agents call their leads. There are multiple breakout rooms that can be used to roleplay with any agent participating in The Prospecting Rooms.

This is a great tool for team leaders to focus on accountability for each of their team members. They will have a dedicated space to log into and reach out to leads so you don’t have to worry if they are setting time aside to get their prospecting done. For single agents, this is a great resource to network and meet other people across the United States and Canada who are in the same industry as you!

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