September 2022 - Smart Sales Coaching

Real Estate ISA Training: The Key to Overcoming the Market Downturn

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As a real estate team leader, the success of your team or business ultimately rests on your shoulders. You have to put the right systems in place to ensure your ISAs are consistently producing results, and give them the tools they need to be successful. That means you need real estate ISA training. This is even more important now that we find ourselves in a shifting real estate market.

Real Estate ISAs Are Key

With the market slowing, you have to take advantage of every lead that you can get your hands on, which means real estate ISAs are a critical part of your operation. The fact that phone answer rates are lower today than they ever have been means that if an inside sales agent can get someone on the phone, they need the skills to actually set the appointment, because it’s tougher and tougher to get people on the phone.

What does that mean for you as a real estate team leader? You need effective real estate ISA training.

The Two Biggest Barriers for Real Estate ISAs

On a practical level, the most important thing that your real estate ISAs have to do effectively is successfully make calls to set appointments. And the two biggest barriers to this are call reluctance and effective objection handling. Overcoming both of these has to do with mindset. And real estate ISA training can help.

Call reluctance

Being a real estate ISA is a difficult job. You face a lot of rejection and hear “no” a lot more than you hear “yes”. That’s why mindset and mindset training are so important. Inside sales agents need to have the right perception of their work, themselves, and the business. The biggest determining factor for whether a sales person will or will not be aggressive with generating leads, setting appointments, asking for contracts, and closing deals is the story they build and tell themselves in their heads. That’s where your training and motivation comes in.

If your sales person has good stories in their head—if doing those activities that lead to productivity have a positive connotation—they will be unstoppable. Emphasize the fact that their careers and lives are in their own hands. When they are busting butt making calls and following up on leads, they are building the lives they want to live. In doing so, they are creating value for the client, for the business, and for themselves. Training and culture have to hammer home that selling and productivity are noble endeavors.

Objection handling

After self perception and head stories, objection handling is the area for real estate ISA training. If they don’t know what to say, or how to convert a lead from a “no” to a “yes”, they will not feel comfortable or confident when contacting leads. At that point, they will make all sorts of excuses for why they can’t or won’t bring in new business.

These days we handle objections in a much more sophisticated and conversational way than the older “hard sell” tactics and snarky scripts. Teach your agents to ask questions to get to the bottom of a lead’s objection. As we say at Smart Inside Sales, “follow the no” and get to the heart of lead’s desired outcome and how they think they will get there. Offering leads a different solution to reach an even bigger and better outcome is the best way to handle a negative response.

Circumvent the natural fear of objections with a comprehensive real estate ISA training on what to say and when to say it. Focus on teaching them to ask powerful questions that compel the lead to almost ask the sales person for the appointment.

Real Estate ISA Training: Create Valuable Assets for Your Company  

There is a real estate storm that has arrived, and it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better. Team leaders have to act now and act decisively if they are going keep their companies competitive and successful during the downturn. And that really starts with your real estate ISA training. Even the most promising candidate needs effective instruction to be successful.

That’s where we come in. We offer comprehensive training programs that focus on way more than just scripts. We teach your ISAs to have more effective and productive conversations that will greatly boost their conversion rate and help them set more appointments. From mindset to objection handling to closing—and everything in between—we’ll help your ISA become a master of lead conversion.

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