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Spring Real Estate Training for a Spring Real Estate Market

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The spring real estate market brings a lot of potential business, but also a lot of competition from other agents and teams. As a real estate agent or team leader, you have to start preparing for the spring as soon as possible. If you find yourself waiting until March or April to start figuring out how to tackle a hotter market, it’s too late.

The sooner you act, the better. If you want to take a bigger piece of that spring real estate market pie, then you need the right systems and concepts in place. That’s where our spring real estate training program comes in.

More on that in a little bit.

How Can Agents Prepare for the Spring Real Estate Market? Roleplay

If you are going to successfully train your team (or yourself), then you need all the tools possible at your disposal. Roleplays are an incredibly powerful tool for training real estate ISAs and agents alike. They not only allow ISAs to practice closing techniques, objection handling, and all the other sales components they are taught, but also allows other people in the group to learn from mistakes that their colleagues make. Just like pilots use flight simulators, so should inside sales agents use roleplay groups.

And when it comes to the spring real estate market, there are specific objections and call situations that every agent and ISA can use some practice on.

Tackling the Spring Real Estate Market: Focus on Key Objections

Agents and teams should use roleplays to work through all objections that they commonly hear, but there are a couple that you are likely to hear even more in the spring real estate market. Practice the following objections over and over again until handling them becomes like second nature to you:

Use roleplays to master these objections, and you will start seeing a much higher conversion rate on your calls.

You Need Accountability in the Spring Market More than Ever

Talking about real estate training and planning for the spring is all well and good, but how can you make sure you’ll actually take the steps to do it? Despite the slower winter market, you still have a busy schedule with your life and your business. How can you be sure you’ll set aside the time? If you do set aside the time, how can you be sure you are preparing for the spring real estate market in the right ways? What happens is you have issues or questions you don’t know the answers to?

Do you see what I’m getting at? Effective spring real estate training requires a coach to hold you accountable.

How Can You Move Your Real Estate Business Forward this Spring?

Roleplaying. Handling critical objections. Ensuring you remain accountable. How can you accomplish all of these things? By entering our Spring Training Program, of course! For 12 solid weeks you and your small team will be assigned a dedicated real estate trainer to bring your skills to new heights and hit your goals. 

In addition to roleplaying key objections, filling up your sales pipeline, doing live call reviews, and learning the most important conversation techniques, you’ll also have a real estate coach who you can bring your questions to and who will help keep you focused.

What are you waiting for? Take the right steps now to conquer the market this spring.

Click here to see what our Spring Training Program can do for you.