Real Estate ISA Training: Role Playing Is Key
calendar September 16, 2019

real estate ISA training role play

Real Estate ISA Training: Role Playing Is Key

Success as a real estate ISA comes just like success for anything else. Through training, coaching, and hard work. If you’re building a successful real estate business, then it all comes down to how productive and effective your team is.

True success in the real estate industry comes with building a successful real estate team. You can be an awesome solo agent, make tons of money, and have a very comfortable life. But without developing a solid real estate team around you, you’ll always be in the trenches, you’ll always be turning over stones, you’ll always be knocking down doors. You can do better than that.

The kind of success you want, the kind that allows you to make money even when you’re on vacation, on the weekend, while you sleep, comes from hiring and training the right people to go into the trenches for you. Building a consistent and valuable team of real estate agents and real estate ISAs allows you the time to both focus on your business as a whole and to actually live the life you want to live.

How to Train Your Real Estate Team

The bottom line of training your real estate team is that YOU MUST set aside time and resources in order for it to be successful. Real estate training isn’t just about how to sell houses, specifically—in fact, the majority of it is general sales training. Your agents and ISAs need to train in lead generation, lead conversion, how to talk on the phone, caller objection handling, closing techniques, and the list goes on.

Inside sales agents are critical to the healthy growth and success of your real estate business. And the most important part of an ISA role is being able to convert leads and close on their phone calls. This incorporates objection handling, closing techniques, and lead conversion.

Use Role Playing for Real Estate Training

If you are going to successfully train your team, then you need all the tools possible at your disposal. Role plays are an incredibly powerful tool for training real estate inside sales agents. This not only allows ISAs to practice closing techniques, objection handling, and all the other sales components they are taught, but also allows other people in the group to learn from mistakes that their colleagues make. Just like pilots use flight simulators, so should inside sales agents use role play groups.

There are basically three types of role play structures. The first is one-on-one with a coach or experienced sales person. This is a lower stress environment that is sometimes better for less experienced ISAs who are just starting out. The coach describes a scenario or objection and then plays the role of the prospect. The ISA tries to set an appointment with them and the coach offers advice and insights along the way.

The next real estate role play structure is with three people—two ISAs and a coach. For this structure, the coach will determine the scenario or caller objection, and one of the agents acts as the caller and the other as the prospect. They go at it with each taking turns in each role, giving each other feedback based on how they think the other did, and the coach steps in as necessary with tips and advice on how to improve.

The last general structure for a real estate role play operation is sometimes called a “fish bowl”. This is done in a group of several ISAs and a coach. This is often the format that coaches will use when hosting virtual role play groups. The coach either plays the prospect with each ISA, or the agents take turns playing the role of caller and prospect. The value of this type of setting is that everyone present, even those not directly participating, gain from the experience. They get to see they aren’t alone in the common mistakes that all ISAs make, and they typically get to hear a wider range of insights and practical advice because many people will make different mistakes or make them in a different way.

Role Playing Is Key to Real Estate ISA Training

Training is key to a successful real estate team, and role playing is key to a successful real estate training program. They allow your inside sales agents to practice real world situations, make real world mistakes, and receive real time insights from an experienced ISA or coach. Although they aren’t exactly like a real phone call, it is the closest your agents will get to them before they actually start dialing.

At Smart Inside Sales, group role plays are an integral part to our real estate inside sales agent and agent training program. We offer an engaging, encouraging environment with agents of all skill levels and real estate experience, as well as coaches with many years of sales experience. We meet weekly and have made a significant positive impact on every team we work with.

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