5 Strategies to Sell 60 Homes in 2024: Real Estate Prospecting
calendar November 14, 2023

5 Strategies to Sell 60 Homes in 2024 – Strategy #2: Real Estate Prospecting Consistency Is Crucial 

The first article in our How to Sell 60 Homes in 2024 series covered cultivating the right real estate mindset. In this second article, we’re going to discuss the importance of staying consistent. This is just as important as mindset, because the two go hand in hand. Developing the right headspace is crucial for maintaining the motivation and drive to stay consistent, even in the face of failure or rejection.

Remaining consistent with prospecting, lead generation, and follow up is one of the most critical real estate agent tips. But it’s not easy. Trust me, I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to develop an effective schedule and stick to it. I used to have a weekly, handwritten schedule, but I would always get off track in the middle part of my day. Something would come up, I’d get distracted, and before I knew it, I’d have a meeting that would take the place of the time that I was supposed to spend doing lead generation.

I want to share with you how I got past that and was able to build a consistent schedule that worked.

What Consistency Means for Real Estate Agents

The reason why consistency is one of the most important real estate agent tips I can share with you is because most agents are sporadic at best in their lead generation efforts. Lead gen is often the first thing to get thrown by the wayside when work gets crazy. It never seems as important compared to meetings, showing houses, hosting open houses, or any number of other activities you have to handle.

When your sales pipeline is full, it’s not always easy to imagine a time when it won’t be full, so lead generation feels like an easy task to push off to a later date. The problem with this line of thinking, however, is that before you know it, your pipeline will be drying up, and you will be scrambling and stressed trying to find more leads.

Remaining consistent when it comes to lead generation is one of the most important real estate agent tips because it helps you avoid the feast and famine cycle. It keeps business flowing in predictably and continuously throughout the entire year.

How to Stay Consistent with Real Estate Prospecting

Successful real estate prospecting requires you to be methodical and persistent. In order to do that, you need a plan in place. By “plan”, I mostly mean commit to time blocking your calendar. Let’s face it, real estate agents have a ton on their plate. By carefully laying out and organizing your calendar, and including things like real estate prospecting, you’ll be more likely to actually do it.

It’s important to be specific on your calendar with what type of prospecting activities you’re doing, whether it’s phone calls, emails, maintaining your social media ads, or something else. And you need to FIERCELY defend the time that you block out. Consider it sacrosanct and do nothing else during that part of the day. Don’t let people put meetings on your calendar, and don’t do any day dreaming. It’s for prospecting.

If you block out time on your schedule specifically for real estate prospecting, and actually stick to it, you’ll find that maintaining consistency with your lead generation will be much easier.

Build Your Daily Schedule – How to Get Started

Ultimately, being consistent with real estate prospecting and lead generation comes down to how you structure your day. The only way to find balance between meeting with clients, following up, honing your marketing efforts, generating new leads, and working on existing leads—not to mention everything else you have going on in your life—is by building an effective schedule.

What your day looks like will probably be different from other real estate agents, but here is an example of a daily schedule:

7am: Wake up (after your minimum amount of sleep)

7am – 9am: Morning routine (breakfast, exercise, mindset work, getting ready)

9am: Hard start to work day

9am – 11am: Active prospecting and lead generation

11am – 12pm: Administrative tasks (check the status of transactions, clean up your CRM, confirm meeting times and places, etc. This can also be a time for trainings and skill building.)

12pm – 1pm: Lunch. Take a break and recharge your brain.

1pm – 2pm: Follow up with existing leads

2pm – 6/7pm: Appointments with leads and customers (or lead generation when you don’t have appointments)

6/7pm: Hard stop to the day

The Key Piece of Consistency: Accountability

It’s relatively easy to create a daily schedule and block out time for real estate prospecting. Actually sticking to it is a whole other story. That’s where accountability becomes crucial. This is arguably the most important of the real estate agent tips I have for you—one that the majority people are not going to follow—finding others to hold you accountable.

The agents we work with are able to double the number of leads they generate simply by having an accountability group. A small group of other agents who they meet with, discuss how things are going, and talk about their work. Just by having to report to someone or a group of people how productive you’ve been and what you’ve been working on serves as a huge motivation to remain consistent with your real estate prospecting.

Even more than that, agents who participate in our Conversion University Bootcamp program have an accountability session every week with their coach. So they have small group accountability AND someone whose job it is to hold them accountable. It makes all the difference in the world.

Consistency is king. And the way to be consistent is time blocking, creating and sticking to a schedule, and accountability.

Keep an eye out for our third strategy that will help you sell 60 homes in 2024, training and practice!

If you want to have consistency with your real estate prospecting, learn tried and proven strategies to 5x your lead conversion numbers, and be held accountable to put in the work, then our Conversion University Bootcamp program is for you.


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