5 Strategies to Sell 60 Homes in 2024: Real Estate Sales Training
calendar November 28, 2023

5 Strategies to Sell 60 Homes in 2024 – Strategy #3: Real Estate Sales Training 

For the next article in our 5 Strategies to Sell 60 Homes in 2024 series, I want to talk about real estate sales training. Not training in the nuts and bolts of the real estate industry or the training that you need to get your real estate license. I’m talking about the type of sales coaching that you need to actually find and convert business and be successful.

Too often, real estate sales training gets thrown by the wayside. Especially when times are tougher and the market is slower. I’m here to tell you that this is a mistake and that the only way to sell 60 homes in 2024 is to focus a significant amount of your time and effort on improving your sales skills.

Real Estate Agent Coaching: My Own Story

When I first started selling real estate, my company handed me a crappy FSBO script and told me to call through a list of leads to take some listings. That was about the extent of the support and “training” that they provided me. Fast forward a little while, and I was teetering on the edge of potentially leaving the real estate industry.

Yes, I was seriously considering becoming one of those statistics of people who fail at real estate within the first few years of starting. I was freshly married, had a second kid on the way, and just was not able to make this whole real estate thing work. The bills were stacking up and I truly did not know what I was going to do next.

But then, as these things tend to do when you keep at something, my luck started to improve a little bit. I closed on my first few deals and, although there was still a pile of bills that needed to be paid, I gave myself and my family a little bit of breathing room. After a lot of back and forth, I finally decided to use that breathing room to hire a real estate sales training company.

The Right Real Estate Agent Coaching Saved My Career

I was always skeptical of coaching and real estate sales training. I figured that it could maybe give me a few tips and tricks, but not really have a significant impact on my career and long term success. I always assumed that I would have to figure everything out on my own. As you can probably guess, I was very wrong. My real estate coach ended up helping me save my career and kept me from having to go get a normal 9-5 job.

My real estate coach experience is the reason that I became a coach and the reason that I love what I do today.

What really helped set me apart was that I didn’t just stop at that initial coaching. I built up momentum, grew my sales, closed more deals, paid off my bills, and then reinvested a portion of my earnings back into real estate agent sales training and materials. Eventually, I used the methods and techniques I learned, along with my own experience, to develop my own lead conversion system that could be taught to other agents who were just like me.

Real Estate Sales Training Alone Is Not Enough

The key to taking full advantage of real estate agent coaching and training is to actually invest your time and energy into. A lot of agents (and I’ve been guilty of this too) will just sign up for programs and collect training materials without really putting in any effort. You get the dopamine kick for attending the webinar or signing up for the program, and that feeling carries you for a time, all while sapping your true productivity and motivation.

The thing is, you can’t just soak up large volumes of information and expect anything to happen. You need someone to hold you accountable and help you put a plan into action. What you need is training that allows you to implement the things you learn each and every day.

When I was going through my own real estate sales training period, I found that the only way it stuck was if I had actionable techniques that I could apply immediately in my work. And I also found that most training or coaching courses out there (for real estate or other industries) don’t actually do that. They just teach you a bunch of ideas and concepts without a plan of action.

I wanted my real estate agent coaching program to be different from that.

What Sets Conversion University Bootcamp apart from the Rest

Our Conversion University Bootcamp training program is built on real estate, sales, and coaching experiences that I’ve had and that our coaches have had. It’s based on the real world and is made up of actionable advice and techniques that participants can start using the same day they learn it. What’s more is that we built accountability into our program.

You learn tried and tested strategies for having effective conversations, overcoming objections, building rapport, and successfully closing. But you also get to roleplay with other agents and ISAs from across North America, have call review sessions, gain access to our Prospecting Room, so you can lead generate with other agents, and you have an accountability session every week with your coach.

Roleplays, call reviews, live classes, and accountability all combine to make this program extremely effective for agents and ISAs. If you’re looking to sell 60 homes in 2024, then you need a comprehensive training program like Conversion University Bootcamp.

We consistently have participants double the number of deals they make a year, 5x their lead conversion numbers, 3x their number appointments, and secure higher value listings than they ever have before.

You need real estate sales training, and our program WORKS.  

If you want to develop a strong mindset, learn tried and proven strategies to 5x your lead conversion numbers, and be held accountable to put in the work, then our Conversion University Bootcamp program is for you.


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