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calendar January 22, 2019

Call Review: Be Suspicious if the Lead Agrees too Easily

In today’s Call Review video, Dale goes over how it’s important to be somewhat skeptical if the lead is agreeing to meet with you too easily. It’s not that you should assume a negative outcome, but as an agent or ISA, you are investing your time and energy into each lead and potential client, and there are only many hours in the day.

That means that, even if they say yes right away to the appointment, you have to ask more questions to determine whether meeting with them is worth YOUR time. Are you able to help them reach their goal? What do they get out of working with you? Why do they need to meet with you? If you like this coaching and want to have a highly trained coach listen to your calls or your team’s calls, then you can either check out our coaching options or schedule a free 30-minute consultation call with Dale.

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