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calendar February 3, 2023

How to Handle Common Spring Real Estate Objections

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As we move through winter and get closer to spring, there are a few common objections that you are likely to hear more and more. Like all real estate objections, there is a tried and proven strategy for overcoming them and setting more appointments. Once you get that strategy down, you will convert more leads than ever before.

But first, what objections are you likely to hear in the coming weeks and months?

The Most Common Spring Real Estate Objections

Although you can be faced with any objection at any time, here are the few that you are most likely to hear during the late winter and spring market:

“I’m waiting for the spring”

“I’m just window shopping”

“That price is too high/Too Low”

“I want to sell it myself”

How to Overcome Spring Real Estate Objections

There are specific techniques to overcome each of these spring real estate objections, but at the heart of each technique is the strategy we teach here at Smart Coaching and Training. We cover this strategy in our training and in many of our articles.

The key to overcoming real estate objections is understanding them from the lead’s perspective not only your own. Here are the five most important aspects of handling spring real estate objections (or really any objection in any season):

  1. Acknowledge – Listen to what they say and let them know that you understand it.
  2. Paraphrase – Restate what they said without leading and without interpretation.
  3. Inquire into their perspective, process, and outcome – This is where you dig into their thought process how they see it. Get them to walk you through their knowledge, plan, and the unique thing they hope to accomplish. These are the three things you need to know in order to counter their objection, so ask questions that get you the answers.
  4. Determine the unique benefit or result they hope to achieve – this is their sought after outcome.
  5. Close if appropriate – Close if the lead does not bring up another objection as a result of the PPO process or if it becomes obvious that meeting is the next logical step in your conversation.

At the end of the day, you have to close on your calls and objections are your route to close. By taking the objections in stride, understanding what the lead’s fears are, and effectively responding, you have the ammunition you need to convert the lead and set the appointment.

The Key Is Consistent Role Playing

Role playing allows you to practice the five aspects of objection handling listed above. It’s a low stakes environment where agents and teams can perfect and hone their skills. That way, when it comes time to make the actual call, it won’t be as scary and you or your team will not be as flustered when faced with tough objections. Because they’ve heard them and responded to them many times before already!

The bottom line is that real estate agents and ISAs who don’t consistently role play tend to get stuck more easily on their calls and set fewer appointments.

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Our Spring Training Program

The Spring Training Program is 12 weeks solid weeks of objection handling training, role playing, and being held accountable by a dedicated coach. In addition to roleplaying key objections, filling up your sales pipeline, doing live call reviews, and learning the most important conversation techniques, you’ll also have a real estate coach who you can bring your questions to and who will help keep you focused.

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