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calendar September 13, 2022

The Cure for the Fall Market: An Effective Real Estate Pipeline

When the fall comes, many agents who haven’t worked on their real estate pipeline buckle down for slower, tougher months ahead. After all, the spring and summer real estate seasons are typically busier—with more buyers out looking in the nice weather and larger demand from people who are looking to purchase a home and settle down before the school year starts.

Although this trend might be true in a broad sense, the mistake that many real estate agents end up making is writing off the fall and winter completely. They think that as soon as Labor Day comes and goes, that there is no longer any business to be had.

But there is a way that agents can secure a steady stream of business, even into the fall and winter seasons. By building a fat, bursting real estate pipeline that is just pumping new clients out for your company.

The Mistake Many Agents Make

The sad truth is that if agents or companies are lacking business in the fall and winter, it’s because they did not put in the work during the time leading up to that time. In other words, they did not build an effective real estate pipeline. And I’m sorry to say that those agents have no one to blame but themselves.

Because, although it might be less than the spring or summer, there is A LOT of business to be had in the other seasons. You just have to put yourself in a position to capture as much of it as possible.

What Is a Real Estate Pipeline?

In simple terms a real estate pipeline is just the process or sequence of steps that your clients go through from when they were a prospect all the way until their home sale has closed. It’s basically a combination of lead generation, CRM management, lead conversion, the process of buying or selling a home for your client, and then staying in contact with them, so they come back to you for a future sale.

One of the most important parts of a real estate pipeline, and the one that often gets thrown by the wayside during the busy seasons, is lead generation and follow up. Those two activities are vital to consistently adding new people into your pipeline, so they can move through the process and you can make money. If you aren’t putting in the work to continuously add new people, then your pipeline will dry up and the slower months will be extremely slow indeed.

How to Conquer the Fall Real Estate Market

Years in real estate are often thought of as cyclical. Boom and bust, hot and cold. The most successful agents, however, don’t experience such severe ups and downs. Why? Because they are constantly adding leads to their real estate pipeline, so they have clients that are ready to buy or sell houses throughout the entire year.

The problem is that when you are killing it during the summer, or throughout all of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, for example, you aren’t thinking about adding new business to your pipeline. You aren’t focusing on identifying and generating leads, consistently following up, or going the extra mile to make the appointment.

But if you want to avoid the up and down roller coaster of the seasons, and reduce the stress, anxiety, worry, and scramble, then you should constantly be working on your real estate pipeline.

Our Build Your Pipeline Challenge

If you’re feeling the stress because you haven’t worked on your real estate pipeline during the craziness of the market over the past two years, then we’ve got a solution for you here at Smart Inside Sales. Our Build Your Pipeline Challenge is a 12 week program where you’ll learn all the skills, techniques, and strategies needed to build a predictable, reliable stream of new business.

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