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calendar January 22, 2019

Group Roleplay: How to Deal with Expired Leads

In today’s roleplay video, the agents and ISAs deal with an expired seller lead. Each lead source is going to be a different ballgame to deal with, and so you have to tailor your questions, tone, and general mood of the call to fit that particular lead source. In this situation, the lead is an expired who previously listed their home for their break-even price.

Since they weren’t able to sell the house at that price, they are immediately assuming they are going to have to bite the bullet and drastically drop their price in order to sell. Your job is to figure out if that is actually the case, or if there were other factors in play that prevented the house from selling the first time. If you like this coaching and are interested in greatly improving the effectiveness of you or your team on sales calls, then you can either check out our coaching options or schedule a free 30-minute consultation call with Dale.

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