How to Do Real Estate Branding in 2024
calendar February 27, 2024

How to Do Real Estate Branding in 2024

Effective real estate branding has always been a key part of agent success, and it’s even more so in 2024. With a lot of competition from other agents and a potentially shrinking market and economy as a whole, your brand is the bedrock on which your entire business is built. It’s how you create trust through familiarity, get on your lead’s radar before you even talk to them, and develop a reputation as the agent to work with in your market.

The question is, how can you create real estate branding successfully? I’ve put together a few tips and best practices to help you out.

Real Estate Branding: It Starts with Your Unique Value Statement

Your brand starts and ends with your unique value statement. It’s how you concisely and simply explain why a lead should work with you instead of a different agent. It’s how you show that your specific business delivers a not-so-unique service in a very unique way. Your value proposition needs to separate you from the crowd and showcase the benefits that you can provide in an easy to understand manner. It should be front and center, in one form or another, throughout all of your marketing, phone calls, website, and client communications.

If you want to understand how to craft an effective value statement as a real estate agent, check out this article of ours.

Find Your Target Market

Identify who your audience is. Do you have a niche? What type of people do you want to work with? What are their challenges, wants and needs? Finding your target market and what their pain points are is crucial for building all parts of your real estate brand, whether you’re speaking with them on the phone, making a video, or running a social media ad.

Videos Are Your Best Friend

Most people spend a lot of their free time scrolling on their phones. Whether they are researching agents or just looking at Facebook or Instagram, you want to get in front of them. And what is the most popular and easy to consume type of content? Videos. Videos are great because you can share them throughout your social platforms and use them in paid social media ads. If you get your targeting right on those ads, then you have the opportunity to put videos of you in front of a lot of people in your market. They’ll start to recognize you and know your value before you ever speak with them on your phone or meet with them in person.

Here are some videos that will help you showcase your market, capabilities, and brand:

  • Show your neighborhood – In addition to listing videos of the house itself, make them of the surrounding neighborhood, showcase local businesses, and show what your listings are close to and how awesome it is!
  • Client testimonials – Ask your clients to shoot a quick video of themselves on their phone explaining how you helped them. Better yet, if they’re willing, make a video of the two of you together to showcase your relationship.
  • Just sold – Similar to client testimonials, the “just sold” video will showcase your past work, cover your relationship with your client, and let a potential client see the types of home that you normally sell.
  • Showcase yourself – Build a personal connection with your leads and clients by shooting videos of your life, like when you’re driving to a listing, or at your kid’s sports game, or just patronizing a local business.

If you commit yourself to creating quality videos for both paid and organic social, you’ll improve your real estate branding by leaps and bounds.

Tell a Story to Differentiate Yourself

Whether you’re making a video or publishing a blog post, the key part of real estate branding is to creating a compelling story. Clients work with you as much as for who you are as they do for the numbers backing up your success. Your branding should tell about your connection to the community, talk about your family and your values, and convey the philosophy you have when it comes to working with clients and buying and selling houses. You are different from other agents in your market; your real estate branding should convey how and not be afraid to get personal. You will be working very closely with your clients, so the personal element can end up being very important.

Effective real estate branding will help you bring in the leads, and we will give you the tools you need to consistently convert them. Click here to see our real estate training programs.


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