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calendar January 6, 2019

Real Estate Coaching Group Roleplay: See the Situation through the Lead’s Eyes

At Smart Inside Sales, our group roleplay sessions are the backbone of inside sales agent (ISA) training. On these calls, ISAs face off against one another and learn how to overcome common objections, stay on the phone longer, and get much higher conversion rates.

In today’s roleplay video, the agents and ISAs once again deal with a lead who is not really interested in setting an appointment with them. They are either looking to try and sell their house on their own or are just in the beginning stages of the buying or selling process.

The key to being successful on these types of calls is to clearly explain the benefit that you and your team can bring. You need to hear what their thought process is, repeat what they tell you back to them, and then determine together if their present course of action is the best possible course of action for them.

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