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calendar January 4, 2019

Real Estate ISA Coaching: “I haven’t thought about selling my house in a while”

Inside sales team group roleplays are one of the most important aspects of real estate inside sales training. On these calls, ISAs learn how to overcome common objections, stay on the phone longer, and get much higher conversion rates.

In today’s roleplay video, the group goes over how to deal with old leads who haven’t thought about selling their house in a while. These are people who wanted to sell two years ago but were unsuccessful and have since given up. This can be a highly valuable, largely untapped, lead source.

The key is to get them hooked in before you go for the big question asking them to give it another try. Find out why it didn’t sell the first time, what has changed for them, and see why it would make sense for them to get their house back on the market.


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