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calendar January 2, 2024

5 Key Team Leader Strategies to EXIT Production in 12 Months – Implement the Right Real Estate Sales Training

So far in this article series, we’ve covered how to hire and build up your real estate team and how to set clear, achievable expectations for your agents and ISAs. If you’re a team leader, then the next most important part of pulling yourself out of production in the next 12 months is implementing consistent, effective real estate sales training.

You can hire great agents and ISAs, but the only real way that you are going to feel truly comfortable getting out of the trenches, is if you know they are going to produce. To achieve that dream of working less while making more money, your real estate team needs to be able to cover or exceed the production they’re losing from not having you.

Let’s take a look at the type of real estate sales training that will help you do that.

No Matter How Good They Are, Your Real Estate Team HAS TO BE TRAINED

The problem a lot of team leaders have with building a successful real estate team and removing themselves from the day-to-day production, is that they just don’t have enough time to devote towards it. Real estate training isn’t just about how to buy and sell houses—in fact, the majority of it is sales training. Your agents and ISAs have to be trained on lead generation, lead conversion, how to talk on the phone, caller objection handling, closing techniques, and the list goes on.

In order to hone and perfect those skills, consistent training and holding agents and ISAs accountable to that training is necessary. As a real estate team leader, there just typically is not enough hours in your day to give the training the attention it needs. The reason why many leaders fail to pull themselves out of production is that they often just through some bullet points at their team, give them a script, and tell them to start dialing.

Not only is that not going to help agents and ISAs produce, but you are essentially wasting all the time and effort you spent on hiring them, because they aren’t set up for success. The cost of a new hire that doesn’t end up working out is just too high to rely on lackluster or incomplete training.

The Right Type of Real Estate Sales Training

So, let’s say you’ve decided to that your team needs more effective real estate sales training to produce more and get yourself out of the trenches. What does that really look like on a granular level?

Both your real estate ISAs and agents need to be masters of:

  • Asking the right questions for sales discovery
  • Having real conversations instead of relying on scripts
  • Handling the most common and uncommon objections
  • Knowing when and how to close on your calls
  • Understanding how to work different leads differently, including expireds, FSBOs, inbound, outbound, etc.
  • Overcoming call reluctance and being able to stay positive in the face of hearing “no” A LOT

On a practical level, the most important part of your ISAs’ and agents’ jobs is to set appointments and convince people to work with you. And they need all of the above skills to be able to do that successfully again and again.

A good real estate sales training program that will help them accomplish the goal of more appointments and more business needs to include the following elements:

  • Live, interactive classes (not just video recordings) with a trainer or coach to teach key skills and concepts like objection handling, closing, discovery, and conversation techniques
  • Live role playing and call review sessions to practice skills with other agents and learn from their mistakes and successes
  • Being held accountable at least weekly to ensure training goals and benchmarks are consistently met
  • A community of other real estate ISAs and agents who are learning the same concepts to offer support

If you’re a real estate team leader and you really are serious about pulling yourself out of production, ask yourself: do you have the resources, bandwidth, and ability to deliver this level of comprehensive training and support for your team?

If you’re like most teams, then you don’t. So what can you do?

Rely on a Proven Real Estate Sales Training Company

I know that adequate training and materials are essential to growing a successful real estate team. Over the past 10+ years, I’ve created the complete system to recruit, hire, and manage a top producing team. I’ve used this system to double my team’s sales to over $200 million in less than 3 years. And I’ve helped dozens of other teams and agents do the same – or even better.

Finding the right company to entrust your real estate team’s training to is not easy. But I’ve been in your shoes and sat on your side of the table before. The reason I started Smart Sales Coaching was to provide real estate team leaders with the resources, materials, and support required to make effective training an actual possibility. Let us help take some of the burden of improving your team off of your shoulders. It’s what we do, and we do it well!

The longer you wait to implement the right real estate sales training, the longer it will be until you can truly pull yourself out of day-to-day production.

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