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Real Estate Training: The Materials and Program You Need

Real Estate Training

True success in the real estate industry comes with building a successful real estate team. You can be an awesome solo agent, make tons of money, and have a very comfortable life. But without developing a solid real estate team around you, you’ll always be in the trenches, you’ll always be turning over stones, you’ll always be knocking down doors.

True success, the kind that allows you to make money even when you’re on vacation, on the weekend, while you sleep, comes from hiring and training the right people to go into the trenches for you. Building a consistent and valuable team of real estate agents and real estate ISAs allows you the time to both focus on your business as a whole and to actually live the life you want to live.

But in order to do this, you need to do more than just hire good people, you need a solid real estate training program to bring your real estate business over the goal line.

Your Real Estate Agents and ISAs HAVE TO BE TRAINED

The problem with building a successful real estate team, though, is that there are often simply not enough hours in the day to dedicate the necessary time. Real estate training isn’t just about how to sell houses—in fact, the majority of it is sales training. Your agents and ISAs need to train in lead generation, lead conversion, how to talk on the phone, caller objection handling, closing techniques, and the list goes on.

As a real estate business owner or real estate team leader, you are busy running and managing all aspects of the operation. That’s in addition to focusing on the big picture, making sure processes are running as efficiently as possible, and constantly searching for growth opportunities.

But it’s also your responsibility to make sure your new hires are trained adequately enough to actually start producing value for the business. Because let’s face it, the cost of a new hire that doesn’t end up working out is too high.

What’s the cost of a bad a hire you might ask?

Well, let’s take a real estate inside sales agent for example. And let’s say it could take about 3-6 months until you can see definitely if they are a right fit or not. If you’re paying an ISA $2,000 – $2,500 a month base salary then that’s a loss of AT LEAST $8,000. Not to mention the time and energy spent recruiting, screening, onboarding, and training. That’s in addition to the lost opportunity cost of the transactions a GOOD hire could have created for you.

That’s time and money you won’t ever get back.

Real Estate Training Online

To mitigate the risk of a new hire failing to adequately meet standards and expectations, and to take some of the stress and time commitment off of their plate, real estate business owners and team leaders are increasingly turning to real estate training online.

And it’s not just about an online training course. What team leaders need—what really benefits their team—are real estate training materials that they can incorporate into their own weekly meetings or training sessions. I’m talking about group roleplay videos, call review sessions, articles, tips, strategies, etc. Real estate coaching materials that lay out the concepts, lessons, and examples that team leaders need to hammer home for their agents and ISAs.

Those types of real estate training materials, in addition to an awesome lead conversion training program, is how you’ll take yourself out of the trenches and take your team from zero to one. With an online sales training like Smart Inside Sales’ Conversion University (excuse the shameless plug), you can be sure that your ISAs and agents are learning much more than scripts. They will master overcoming objections and learn how to have enjoyable, successful sales calls.

Smart Inside Sales Real Estate Training Materials

I know that adequate training and adequate training materials are essential to growing a successful real estate team. Over the past 10+ years, I’ve created the complete system to recruit, hire, and manage top producing ISA’s. I’ve used this system to double my team’s sales to over $200 million in less than 3 years. And I’ve helped dozens of other teams and agents do the same – or even better.

And over the time since I started my real estate coaching business, we have amassed a library full of coaching and training videos and materials. Everything from call reviews to group roleplays to coaching diary entries where I share problems and solutions my clients are going through.

I know how tough this industry can be and how valuable and knowledgeable help is difficult to come by. That’s why I started my real estate coaching business—so team leaders like you can have access to real estate training materials and courses to take some of the burden of training your team off of your plate. Training your team is a necessity, but you don’t have to go at it alone.

Check out our real estate training materials, courses, and coaching options at Smart Inside Sales.


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