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calendar May 16, 2019

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Real Estate Training: The True Story

We’ve written a lot of articles and put out a lot of videos basically discussing how to be a better, more successful real estate agent or real estate inside sales agent. We’ve discussed how to close properly, how to increase your call conversion rate, how to develop a successful inside sales team, how to hire and train powerhouse ISAs, to name a few topics.

But now I want to talk about something a little more personal. You’re reading this most likely because you’ve come into contact with Smart Inside Sales looking to improve your real estate career and your life. You want to make this whole ISA or agent thing work out. Actually, scratch that. You don’t want to just make it work, you want to thrive, make a lot of money, and build the life that you want to live.

And that is something that I can completely, 100 percent understand.

My Real Estate Story

A while back, I was teetering on the edge of possibly getting out of the real estate business. I was newly married, had a second kid on the way, and could not get this whole real estate thing to work out at all. The bills started piling up and I didn’t know what to do.

Eventually, my luck started to turn a little bit. I closed on a few deals and, although there was still a stack of bills that needed to paid, I carved out a little bit of breathing room for myself. With that breathing room I hired a coaching company.

I had always been a bit skeptical of real estate coaching and even training courses and materials. At the end of the day, I thought that a coach could give me some tips or maybe point me in a right direction, but not have a substantial impact on my career. I thought that I had to figure everything out for myself with no help at all. Because that’s just the way it was. Or so I thought.

As you can probably guess, I was wrong. My coach helped me to save my real estate career. And they are the reason why I am a real estate coach today.

After a little while of working with a real estate agent coaching company I was continually building up momentum bit by bit, closing more deals, paying off my bills, and putting some more money in my pocket. In turn, I reinvested some of that back into more training materials. I used those to master the lead conversion process and develop my own system to consistently convert real estate leads, book appointments, and win listings.

Real Estate Coaching & Training Are Not Enough

Coaching and training helped me to take my real estate career to the next level. But what I learned was that training alone is not enough. I’m sure you can relate to this: many people become endless collectors of training materials and resources but either never use them, or just read through them without any type of implementation plan.

I’m guilty of this too. Sometimes we feel the urge to improve and better ourselves, but the little spike of dopamine we get from just buying that course or downloading that ebook, or signing up for that webinar suffices for the moment. We feel like we accomplished something (even though deep down we know we haven’t) and then get back to our busy lives.

Even if we do go through the course, read the materials, or attend the webinar and actually soak up the information, rarely do we develop a way to put it into action. Consuming training, taking notes, and learning the material is not enough. In fact, too much training, tips, and advice—in other words, too much theory—can be detrimental to your development if you don’t actually use it. That’s because theory is only useful in the context of using it to take action and achieve an end.

Real Estate Training Systems

Learning a bunch of stuff without the knowledge or ability to put it into action leads to feelings of being powerless. Feelings of an inability to get better and improve your career. That’s crap.

What you need is training that allows you to implement the things you learn each and every day. When I was going through my own training period, I found that the only way it stuck was if I had actionable techniques that I could put to use immediately in my work. And I also found that most training or coaching courses out there (for real estate or other industries) don’t actually do that. They just teach you a bunch of ideas and concepts without a plan of action.

I kept that in mind when I created my own Conversion U training course. I made sure that the majority of it was made up of actionable advice and techniques that students could start making use of the same day they learned it. I teach Conversion U students how to have real conversations with people, give specific ways that they can overcome caller objections (objections that I know they are probably hearing on a daily basis), and tell them exactly when and how to close.

Conclusion: What Makes Good Real Estate Training

Whether it’s real estate or another industry, you are doing yourself a disservice by just collecting a massive pile of training materials. You feel good for a moment, but you aren’t just looking for a fleeting dopamine spike. You are looking to build a life you can be proud of—the life you’ve always wanted for yourself and for your family.

To do that, you need training materials that both teach you what to do, but also how to do it. I know from firsthand experience that theory without practice is not enough. That’s why great real estate training courses—like my Conversion U—combine the two in order to give you a viable path to a higher conversion, more sales, and consistent success.


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