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calendar June 28, 2024

As a real estate agent, one of the most critical things you need to have in your sales toolbox is a unique value statement. Actually, you need more than a unique value statement. You need a power statement. An elevator pitch that allows you to set more real estate appointments by quickly and effectively explaining what you bring to the table and why you should be paid well. A statement that will convince even the most skeptical lead to work with you.

Do you have a pitch that consistently helps you set more real estate appointments? If not, in this article, I’m going to cover the basics of what it is.

What Is a Real Estate Power Statement?

Your power statement needs to show how you, your business, or your team delivers a not-so-unique service in a very unique way. Its job is to differentiate you from the pack and set yourself above all the other agents in your market. There are three primary questions that your power statement needs to answer to convince someone to set and show up to real estate appointments with you:

  • Why should I choose you?
  • Why should I trust you?
  • What advantage will I get?

When answering these questions with your power statement, you need to focus on one thing, said in different ways. And that one thing is results. The reason why someone is going to work with you is because they believe that you will deliver better results and a better desired outcome than they could on their own and than other agents in their market could deliver. Here are the results that you want to focus your statement on in order to set more real estate appointments:

  1. I’ll save/make you money (focus on great deals for buyers and more money for sellers)
  2. I’ll save you time
  3. Here’s my likelihood of success in helping you achieve your goals
  4. Here’s how I help you avoid issues during the buying or selling process
  5. I will alleviate your fears and worries by doing X, Y, and Z

How You Should Structure Your Statement to Set More Real Estate Appointments

What you say in your power statement will be unique, but the structure of it should be the same as what other successful agents are doing. The basic structure of every effective power statement is this:

I/We/My Team + With our knowledge, experience, and superior process + Give you XYZ result

Here is a template of a buyer agent power statement that you can use to help craft your own:

“I’ve been guiding home buyers through the process for the last x years. I’m on the number x team in (City), and what that means for you is that my team and I give you the most access possible to homes that are on and off the market. We bring x years of knowledge and experience to make sure you find the best home and get it at the best price possible without losing it to the other buyers competing for homes right now.”

Examples of Real Estate Buyer Agent Power Statements 

Here are some examples of buyer agent power statements that follow that template. Think about them when crafting your own statements.

Example #1:

“My team and I specialize in representing buyers and being amazing negotiators. On average our clients pay 7% less than other buyers and spend 1⁄2 the time actively shopping to find that great deal. Which means that they find the perfect home faster, save money and don’t get taken advantage of.”

Example #2:

“With my 15 years of negotiating experience I have been able to win 8 out of 10 of the last competitive offer situations to help secure the perfect home for my clients, without them having to overpay for the property or accept poor terms.”

The underpinning theme of your power statement has to be: Why should someone buy or sell a home with you? If you can successfully answer that question, then you will be able to set more real estate appointments, with both buyers and sellers, than you ever have before.

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