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Successful Real Estate ISA Training

If you’re a real estate inside sales agent, you know that this job is not for the faint of heart. It’s tough. You have to be in the trenches day after day, making countless phone calls, often facing unending rejections, and basically constantly fighting an uphill battle with people who don’t want to talk to you. And without ISAs continually converting on their calls and bringing in new leads, real estate teams and real estate companies can’t survive.

Not a lot of pressure, right?

Insufficient ISA Training

Adding to the problem is that many real estate companies don’t have sufficient inside sales training to set their ISAs up for success. You might get handed a script, told some basic closing techniques or objection handling tips, and then you are thrown to the wolves and start making calls. In this situation it is left up to you to figure out the call strategies, language patterns, and closing techniques that you find are the most conducive to success.

That can be fine. Successful ISAs are tenacious and persistent by nature, and if they can stick it out for a few months then maybe they’ll get the hang of it on their own. But many won’t, and for those who do, this method is not a very efficient way to build an effective real estate inside sales team. It’s akin to throwing stuff against a wall and seeing what sticks.

A better way to train an ISA team or train yourself is to get more scientific about it. What actually works and what doesn’t, and how, specifically, can I implement certain guidelines and practices into my calls to vastly increase my conversion rates.

What Makes A Successful Inside Sales Agent?

In simple terms, a successful ISA is someone who can have productive and persuasive sales conversations over the phone. In other words, they can convince leads to take action. For most ISAs in most situations, this means getting the lead to agree to set an appointment and actually show up to the meeting with an agent.

Common traits associated with successful ISAs are as follows:

  • Extroverted (or at least not afraid to talk to people over the phone)
  • Being able to read people over the phone
  • Comfortable being relatively assertive and forward
  • Pay close attention to detail

Those are all important traits. However, it would be a mistake to think that you can’t be a successful real estate ISA if you feel you don’t possess one or any of them. Because all of these can be learned. And to some extent, they have to be learned by everyone decides to become an inside sales agent.

Real Estate ISA Training

Okay, the punchline to all of this is that you are not alone and there is training that can take you over the inside sales finish line. Conversion University is a self-paced online training course that consists of video content, downloads and quizzes to ensure you are maximizing their learning.

It teaches you the core knowledge you need to get started making calls and contacts and setting appointments FAST. You’re able to hone your skills and maximize conversion rates (along with commissions) by leveraging our advanced sales language, scripting, and mindset techniques that are currently employed by top real estate teams across the country and that you will master with this training.

This training covers everything a successful ISA needs to know, including:

  • ISA daily schedule
  • Lead types (and how to effectively deal with different types)
  • Lead standards and lead priority hierarchy
  • Lead generation tips
  • Lead nurture guidelines
  • CRM management
  • The mechanics of call
  • Conversion prioritization
  • Scripts (and how to use them effectively without sounding like a robot)
  • Objection handling process
  • Closing process

Way more than just throwing some scripts at you saying “these work every time—guaranteed!”, Conversion University teaches you how to have real conversations. That means not just reading, but knowing when and how to react on a call in order to consistently produce results.

Whether you are an inside sales agent or manage an inside sales team, you don’t have to feel blindly in the dark trying to find something that works. We’ve already done that for you! Learn more about Conversion University today and take your career and team to the next level.


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