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calendar March 21, 2024

Test Your Real Estate Agent Skills

When it comes to your real estate skills, half the battle is really just your sales skills. As an agent, you have to rely on your sales skills to get people in the door and actually commit to working with you, before you can even think about buying or selling homes. You can know everything there is to know about the real estate industry and how an actual home sale works, but if you can’t sell yourself and your services, then you won’t be very busy.

The question is, do you have the real estate agent skills required to be successful and gain business in any market? Well, we have a way you can find out.

What Are the Most Important Sales Skills?

At Smart Sales Coaching, we’ve found that there are four core sales skills that primarily drive your business. They directly control your ability to book highly qualified buyer and seller appointments on demand. If you can master them, then you’ll be able to double or even triple your weekly appointments and significantly grow your annual volume.

These Core 4 real estate skills cover your ability to enter a conversation, direct it effectively, overcome obstacles and objections, and then logically close the prospect. These four real estate agent skills are:

  • Introductions – How well you enter the conversation
  • Objection handling – How you handle objections
  • Value proposition – Why a buyer or seller should work with you
  • Logical close – How likely a buyer or seller will actually meet with you

How to Test Your Real Estate Sales Skills

If you’re having trouble on your calls, it can be difficult to pinpoint where exactly you are falling short. That’s why we’ve created the Core 4 assessment. Completed over Zoom with one of our professional sales trainers, this assessment tests where you’re at for each of these four real estate agent skills and is completely FREE.

In addition to showing you how well you’re hitting each of the four sales skills, you’ll also receive actionable tips to work on and improve each one. After just 20 minutes you could be on your way towards mastering these real estate agent skills and doubling or tripling your weekly appointments.

There’s no reason to wait. This assessment is free and will only benefit your ability to set high value buyer and seller appointments. Book a time and see where you stand with these four critical real estate sales skills – and how to improve on them!

Click here to learn more about the Core 4 assessment.

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