What You Should Look for in a Real Estate ISA
calendar September 23, 2023

What You Should Look for in a Real Estate ISA

A real estate ISA is the key to scaling and expanding your business. Whether you have a team of agents or you are an agent looking for some help prospecting and generating leads, inside sales agents are often the key to success. But you have to hire the right person, and you have to know how to train them and set them up for success.

Are You Ready for a Real Estate ISA?

I’ve said this before in previous articles; not every real estate business is ready for an inside sales agent. Here are the four primary factors to consider when deciding whether you’re ready for a real estate ISA or not:

  • You are bringing in around 150,000+ in annual GCI
  • You already have an established and well trained assistant who is handling your transactions and can handle the ones generated by your new ISA
  • You have solid inbound lead sources for your ISA to begin working
  • You have a plan to either train your ISA yourself or leverage a third party sales training company

If your real estate business is ready for an inside sales agent, the next step is knowing who to look for to fill the position.

What to Look for in a Real Estate Inside Sales Agent

Real estate ISAs are primarily responsible for receiving inbound leads, conducting outbound prospecting, scrubbing and qualifying leads, maintaining your database, and setting appointments for real estate agents. Those tasks require organization, persistence, and an overall thick skin. Here are the top traits people filling this role need to possess:

  • Outstanding organization skills
  • A solid understanding of drip campaigns and CRMs
  • The ability to handle rejections professionally
  • Comfort with cold calling every day of the month
  • The ability to follow scripts
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills
  • Self-motivation
  • Goal-oriented approach

Finding a real estate ISA with these traits is great, but it’s not enough. To truly set them up for success and help them help your business thrive, you need to dedicate significant time and resources for training them.

Real Estate ISA Training: We Have You Covered

At Smart Sales Coaching, we are your one stop shop to recruit, hire, train, and manage your inside sales agent or team of ISAs. We offer four programs within Smart Inside Sales that you can choose from. Sign up for one or build the best ISA cocktail EVER by stacking our programs together.

These programs were developed based on real world experience. They are designed to allow you to take a stranger off the streets, with no real estate experience, put them through the training, combine them with an average lead mix, and have them produce 60 transactions for the team within their first 12 months.

Our ISA training programs are tried and proven to 5x lead conversion rates, help ISAs respond effectively and creatively to any objections, and move the needle for your business. If you have questions about hiring, training, or managing inside sales agents, then please reach out to our team today!

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