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calendar May 17, 2022

Four Real Estate Agent Best Practices to Help You Stand Out

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As of 2022, there are about two million real estate agents in the United States. In some markets there are thousands or even tens of thousands of other agents. That is a lot of competition. How can you effectively overcome all of this competition? By making yourself stand out from the pack and doing things different from how most are doing it.

I’ve put together some real estate agent best practices to help you stand out from all the others in your market.

Real Estate Agent Best Practices #1: Create an Awesome Website

If you work with a large real estate company, then you most likely have a website on their domain. But that is most likely not enough. You need a unique website that doesn’t look like half the other agents’ in your market. Hire a designer and web developer and create a professional looking website that stands out.

Include your standard pages: listings, about, home evaluation tool, etc., but also include things like regular blog posts to boost SEO, maybe a page about things to do or see in your area, and a page with past client testimonials. Doing these things will give you a website that looks different from the basic agent site format, allow you to prove your expertise, and help you be higher in search results.

Real Estate Agent Best Practices #2: Give Away a Freebie

Once people are on your website, you want to get them on your email list so they can enter your funnel and start being nurtured. One of the best ways to do that is to offer them a freebie that is valuable to them. That way, they will sign up with their email and phone number in order to receive it.

Good ideas for real estate agent website freebies include:

  • Free home evaluation
  • First time homebuyer’s guide ebook
  • Insider tips for enhancing curb appeal when selling
  • Applying for a mortgage checklist

An even better strategy is to give them a choice of ebook (maybe first time homebuyer’s guide, how to enhance curb appeal, and how to apply for a mortgage), so their choice gives you insights as to whether they are a buyer or seller and where they are at in the process.

Real Estate Agent Best Practices #3: Have Real Conversations with Leads

Like I mentioned, there are most likely a lot of other agents in your market. And they all probably sound pretty similar to the leads they are calling. One of the best real estate agent best practices is to not sound like you’re reading from the same boring script as everyone else. Instead, focus on having a real conversation.

Most agents do most of the talking on calls. Don’t be like most agents. Focus on discovery questions; ask the lead about their situation, goals, past experiences—and listen closely to what they have to say. Respond naturally to what they are actually saying, don’t’ just keep trying to get the conversation back to your script.

People want to work with real people, not drones that read blindly from scripts. So be a real person and have a natural conversation.

Real Estate Agent Best Practices #4: Under Promise and Over Deliver

You need to sell what the lead is buying, but you don’t want to mislead or overpromise. What that means is that you want to position yourself as being able to deliver on the lead’s goals (instead of trying to force their situation into meeting your own goals) but avoid being unrealistic. Don’t just tell the lead what they want to hear if you can’t actually provide it. Set and manage their expectations and tell them what they need to hear without overtly making them wrong.


 Follow these four simple yet critical real estate agent best practices to help yourself stand out from the hundreds or thousands of agents also in your market. Implement them consistently, and your lead conversion will explode as a result.

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