How to Be Your Own Real Estate Business
calendar November 4, 2019

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How to Be Your Own Real Estate Business

We’ve all dreamed at one time or another while sitting at our desks of the day when we can just walk out and be done with it. When we can muster up the courage to tell our boss that we appreciate everything they did for us, but that we are moving on to do our own thing and build our own business. After all, who wouldn’t want the freedom and flexibility that comes with being their own boss?

My Personal Real Estate Journey

My own personal journey in real estate began at a corporate job. And it didn’t get off to a great start, if I’m being honest. Actually, the truth is, I hated my nine to five job. I knew that I wanted to make my own rules instead of following someone else’s. I wanted to be free to schedule my day the way I chose, instead of being beholden to a rigid schedule that someone else created for me.

The friction continued to build as I felt more and more like I wanted to go my own way. I didn’t want to ask my boss every time I wanted to take time off or run a simple errand. I wanted a more direct reward for all my hard work. At my job, instead of a financial incentive (aka more money) for all the hard work I and other employees did, all we got was more work piled on top. I needed more money, not more work to do.

So one day I quit. I walked out the front door, said bye to corporate culture, and never went back. That moment was exhilarating. For the first time in my life, I felt in control. I felt like I became the master of my own destiny and was free to write the story of my life the way I chose. I was going to sell real estate, and do it on my own terms.

It was a tough path to take and I threw myself into a sink or swim situation. And that’s basically what the deal is for every real estate agent who goes out on their own. It’s unknown, it’s scary, and it’s uncertain. Once you realize you traded in a steady paycheck for starting at ground zero with no clients and only your savings to go on, the voices of doubt start to get louder and louder in your head.

Being Your Own Real Estate Business

Building your own business is extremely rewarding and can have some very appealing perks. In addition to getting to be your own boss and set your own schedule, the sky’s the limit for your income. You might not have a steady, regular paycheck, but you’re not bound by an hourly wage or some corporate-dictated salary range.

Building your own real estate business is the essence of having full control over your career and your life, and gives you the freedom to create opportunities for yourself. When striking out on your own and having your own real estate business, you have full agency—things don’t happen to you anymore, you happen to things.

While you’ll likely have a broker you’ll have to answer to, the dynamic between broker and agent is very different than that of between an employee and employer. You’ll still have someone micro-managing your work, but the good news is that that someone will be you.

How to Be Your Own Real Estate Boss

You want to be your own real estate boss? The challenges to building your own business are many, but they are not insurmountable. Real estate coaching and lead conversion training can help lead you down your path from 9-5 to freedom, and from a beginner agent to a seasoned veteran. Great real estate training and coaching can lend insights into the best ways to market your business, create a steady stream of qualified leads, and how to actually turn leads into clients on your phone calls.

Before you make the big decision to go out on your own in the real estate world, you need to ask yourself a few things;

  • Are you finally ready to figure out how the game is really played at the 6-figure and even high-6-figure level?
  • Are you ready to devote yourself to providing value to your clients and producing results for them above all else?
  • Are you willing to have some “skin in the game” and understand that you need to invest time and money to grow your business and take it to the next level?
  • Are you ready to work, push through the bad times, and take advantage of the good times?

If your answers to these questions are unequivocal “yes’s”, then let’s talk about possibly working together. Send me an email by clicking here and let’s schedule a 30 minute discovery session.

Take your real estate business and your life into your own hands by taking the first step today!


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