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calendar March 31, 2023

Is Becoming a Real Estate Agent a Good Career Choice?

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Is becoming a real estate agent or real estate ISA still a good career move? After all, prices might be falling, interest rates are increasing, and you hear a lot of people saying that a crash is looming on the horizon. Now I can’t tell you with certainty whether all or any of those things are true, but what is true is that, no matter what the market is doing, becoming a real estate agent or real estate ISA is still an excellent career choice.

But only if you’re ready to put in what it takes.

Why Is Real Estate Still a Great Career?

Real estate is and will always be an attractive choice for several key reasons:

  • Unlimited salary – When you become a real estate agent, there is essentially no cap on your earning potential. The more you optimize your skills and processes and get better at what you do, the more money can make.
  • You can be your own boss – Many people become real estate agents and real estate ISAs for the prospect of leaving their 9-5 and being their own boss. You might be on a real estate team, but ultimately your business is your own. All you need is a broker.
  • Flexible hours and workspaces – Real estate agents make their own schedule and they don’t typically spend all their time sitting in an office. You do spend some time in an office, but you also are meeting with clients, showing houses, and can be out and about.
  • People are always buying and selling houses – No matter if the market is strong or weak, there is always business to be had. When the market is slower you might have to work harder for that business, but with the right real estate training, that business will be yours.

How to Build a Successful Real Estate Career

Most people are too hung up on the idea that real estate is cyclical. But it’s not as boom and bust or hot and cold as most think it is. There are definitely slower and hotter times, but there is always business to be had. The overall areas where agents fall short is with consistency and motivation. You’ll face a lot of rejection, but you have to push through it. Here are three key ways to build a successful real estate career:

Overcoming call reluctance: Real estate agents have to constantly be generating leads and having sales conversations with potential clients. That means you’ll hear “no” a lot.  The biggest determining factor for whether a sales person will or will not be aggressive with generating leads, setting appointments, asking for contracts, and closing deals is the story they build and tell themselves in their heads. If you have good stories in your head—if doing those activities that lead to productivity have a positive connotation—you will be unstoppable. Remember that each phone call you make is one step closer to building the life you want to live. Keep everything in perspective.

Don’t treat yourself like a machine: A lot of real estate agents eventually suffer from burn out. For go-getters, having complete control over your own schedule often means that they work themselves to the bone. Things happen, life throws curveballs, we mess up. Have your routine and stick to it, but don’t punish yourself if you have to break it once in a while. You don’t need to add “not sticking to my routine today” as another thing you’re feeling stressed about. Do the best you can and if your routine needs to be tweaked, do it.

Never stop training: Real estate agents need to constantly be honing their skills and improving. You have to work on your objection handling, your conversation strategies, your sales techniques, and your lead generation methods. When it comes to real estate training, it’s best to have a structured program to follow and a coach who is there to keep you motivated and hold you accountable.

Focus on these three things, and a successful real estate career is within your grasp!

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