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calendar January 6, 2019

Real Estate Coaching Call Review: Does the Lead’s Process Make Sense Given their Goal?

Call reviews are an extremely important aspect of inside sales agent (ISA) coaching. Smart Inside Sale’s call review sessions are the only opportunity in the real estate industry for a highly trained coach to listen to your actual calls and the calls of your real estate inside sales agent team.

In today’s Call Review video, Dale discusses the importance, once again, of understanding the lead’s process FROM THEIR PERSPECTIVE. It is critical to understand what the lead thinks is their best course of action and then determine whether you think that is actually the best way for them to achieve their desired outcome.

Dale gives advice on what to focus on on the call and how to convince the lead that you can solve their problem better than they are currently.

If you like this coaching and want to have a highly trained coach listen to your calls or your team’s calls, then you can either check out our coaching options or schedule a free 30-minute consultation call with Dale.

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