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calendar January 5, 2023

Is Your Company Ready for a Real Estate ISA?

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Real Estate ISAs Are Key to Scaling Your Business

As we move through the second half of 2023, you have to take advantage of every lead you and your team can get your hands on. That means that you need a real estate ISA that consistently performs and delivers new business. As this Follow Up Boss article points out, effective ISAs will bring you a 5 to 1 return on investment.

The fact that phone answer rates are lower today than they ever have been means that you need a sales professional who’s trained specifically for converting leads over the phone. If an inside sales agent can get someone on the phone, they have the skills to actually set the appointment, which is very important because it’s tougher and tougher to get people on the phone in the first place.

Here’s what a real estate ISA can do for your business:

  • ISAs receive inbound leads and conduct rigorous outbound prospecting to uncover leads.
  • ISAs scrub leads, determine motivation, timing and ability.
  • ISAs set the listing and buyer consultation appointment for an outside agent.
  • ISAs also maintain a nurturing database of leads and work that database to produce future appointments.

When Should I Hire an Inside Sales Agent?

You might be thinking: Great! My first move in the New Year will be to hire a rockstar real estate ISA that brings in tons of new clients! Although that is definitely the right attitude to have, you have to make sure your business is actually ready for an ISA. I’ve seen real estate companies hire inside sales agents with extremely high hopes, only to be severely disappointed when the ISA doesn’t deliver.

In most of those situations, however, it’s because the company wasn’t ready for one. They didn’t have the proper training in place. They didn’t have good leads for the ISA to work with. They didn’t have enough agents to work all the new business the ISA was generating. They didn’t have realistic expectations for the ISA they hired.

Is Your Business Ready for a Real Estate ISA?

Essentially, whether or not you’re ready to hire a real estate ISA comes down to four major things:

  • You are bringing in around 150,000+ in annual GCI
  • You already have an established and well trained assistant who is handling your transactions and can handle the ones generated by your new ISA
  • You have solid inbound lead sources for your ISA to begin working
  • You have a plan to either train your ISA yourself or leverage a third party sales training company

Once you have those four things, you are most likely ready to hire a real estate ISA for your company.

If you have questions about hiring an ISA, or want to utilize our ISA training services, then please reach out to our team today!


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